4 Types of Leather Jackets

A high-quality leather coat is extremely versatile, it is timeless, and has the potential to last you forever. Plus, they come in many different styles and colors to match the particular preference. Here are a few of the most popular choices:

Biker jackets

It biker jacket is thick and hard-wearing. It has great abrasion properties to give a certain degree of protection in the instance of an accident. They are also highly immune to rain and wind. Design for the coat is slim and tight across the arms and body. This slim fit is necessary to avoid issues with wind buffeting while traveling along the highway at high-speed. The cuffs and collars often include zips, straps or other fasteners to stop the wind flow entering the jacket. Any kind of pockets will have zip fastenings. Also, extra cushioning is included in certain areas, including the elbows and shoulders, which are vulnerable points in the instance of falling off a motorbike.

Bomber jackets

The bomber jacket started out out as an item of clothing for early on pilots because of their ability to provide an advanced of warmth and protection. This type of jacket has a loose fit around the arms and body to give greater freedom of movement and insulation. Some of the length of the clothing is slightly longer than the biker styles. A rib knit is featured at the hem, cuffs and collar to help keep the warmth in. Also, they often include large bellow or patch pockets for carrying an array of items.


The leather blazer is styled on the traditional suit jacket. This is an extremely versatile item and is easily blended with other components of clothes in an everyday or formal look. Many of these jackets are single breasted and styled with notched lapels and a choice of two or three buttons. The two button style provides slimmer look, while the three button style is preferred by those with a larger waistline. The high-quality blazers uses buttons at the cuff. This feature may well not affect the low-cost versions. Also, this type of jacket can feature one or two vents on the backside.


The reefer jacket http://soldier76jacket.com/ is similar in style to the blazer, but with a more everyday look. Most are styled with button fastening and possess 3 or four buttons on each side. Other features include a plain back again, slanted hip pockets and wide lapels.