Best Breakfast Places in Dubai

There are just those mornings that you wake up and think to yourself, ‘I don’t want to cook anything this morning, I want to pop out, grab a nice lovely breakfast and start my day right,’ aren’t there?

Or, sometimes, you’ve got people coming to visit and the clean up after a huge breakfast is never worth the hassle and, sometimes, it’s easier and nicer to visit some of the great places in Dubai where you can get served some of the best breakfast dishes around for an affordable price and still get the same high quality you expect and deserve.

So, let’s take a look at some of the best breakfast places in Dubai.  We’re going to split them up between the two international breakfast favourites, waffles and pancakes.  You’ll have both bases covered and, come on, who doesn’t love pancakes and waffles?

Follow up your breakfast with an afternoon on a golf course in Dubai.

Best Waffles in Dubai

We’ve got a great selection of four of the best waffle houses in Dubai, so roll on up and see what’s your favourite.

Social House

Social house, at the Dubai Mall, is one of our favourite places to sit down and enjoy some warm waffles with toppings from around the globe.


At.mosphere at the Burj Khalifa is a luxurious option for some of the best waffles combined with amazing views in the world’s tallest building.  Enjoy the 122nd level of the Burj Khalifa with this amazing breakfast menu and amazing waffles.



Boardwalk at the Dubai Creek Golf and Yacht Club offers an amazing breakfast or dessert with their amazing waffles.  Enjoy cream and fruit here for a special fresh taste.

Clinton St Baking Company

Clinton St Baking Company is one of our favourites for a sit-in or delivered breakfast.  Steaming hot waffles, pancakes and more delivered right to you.  Enjoy their signature Breakfast for Dinner with some of the best breakfast foods around.

Best Pancakes in Dubai

Of course, if waffles aren’t you thing you can’t quite go wrong with pancakes now, can you?  Why not try out some of the best pancakeries (not a word, but should be) in Dubai.

Baker & Spice

Down on the Marina Promenade you’ll find Baker & Spice, an amazing restaurant with some of the best pancakes around in Dubai.  This award winning food shop and restaurant has several locations in Dubai and is a centre for excellence in food.  Their meat free Mondays are a big hit with the vegans and vegetarians.

Comptoir 102

In Jumeirah 1 you’ll find Comptoir 102, a fantastic café that was the winner of the What’s On Award for the best healthy café.  Enjoy a twist with some healthy pancakes, where they offer a more health conscious menu for the fitness minded.  Using age old techniques to create tasty and healthy food, Comptoir 102 is out favourite after-gym lunch location.


In Barsha Heights you’ll find Local, an excellent comfortable casual dining experience with some amazing pancakes.