Hong Kong: Faxts about Hong Kong

It is a special administrative region located in eastern China, near the delta of the Pearl River, and consists of a peninsula and several islands. It is currently one of the most influential cities in Southeast Asia. Its more than 7 million inhabitants in just 1,000 square kilometers give rise to one of the most densely populated regions of the planet.

With a still recent colonial past, since it stopped relying on the United Kingdom in 1997, Hong Kong is one of the five most populated Chinese cities and also one of the most westernized. This is due in large part to the close contact that, following its colonial character, has maintained with European and British culture. In spite of this, many Chinese traditions remain in the city, one of the two regions of the country, next to Macao, with the character of a special administrative region.

Taken by the English in 1840, the island of Hong Kong is the most modern area and concentrates most of the companies in the administrative region of Kong. In the north of the island is the Victoria Bay, where the most famous buildings of Hong Kong are located: the Bank of China Tower , the Two International Finance Center , the Central Plaza and others. In addition to the financial district we will find two points of great interest: Victoria Peak and Aberdeen Bay .

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It is the most densely populated area of Hong Kong with a density of 43,000 inhabitants per square kilometer. It is located to the north of the Island of Hong Kong and is the most residential and chaotic area of Hong Kong. In the south of Kowloon is the area of Tsim Sha Tsui , place where you get the best views of Victoria Bay . To know more about the cities of different countries you can visit National Pedia.

Island of Lantau

It is the largest in Hong Kong and is home to the Hong Kong International Airport , the Hong Kong Disneyland theme park and the Po Lin Monastery , where you can see the tallest Sitting Buddha in the world with 24 meters of height. The whole island is very different from the rest of Hong Kong. The island of Lantau is a natural place that offers relaxation and tranquility.

New Territories

It is the northernmost area of Hong Kong and its widest area. In its almost 1000 square kilometers live more than 3 and a half million people.

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Economic development

Its financial importance (it is one of the 20 most important financial centers in the world), based on its great commercial activity, has also caused it to be one of the Chinese cities with the highest percentage of foreign population, although its almost seven million inhabitants (data of 2002 of the Hong Kong Tourism Board) are mostly Chinese, and the most spoken dialect, Cantonese, although the use of putonghua is growing.


More and more tour operators include Hong Kong as a stop on their package packages to China or as the main destination of the trip. Traveling to Hong Kong can be a fascinating experience, because of the seductive nature of the center -more cosmopolitan- and the tranquility of its surroundings. The large number of leisure activities available, its nightlife and its combination of Chinese tradition with Western modernity make it a unique place.