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Parasite Zapper

Amebic dysentery is the infection that spreads widely in the tropics countries like Pakistan, India, Bangladesh and Afghanistan. The reason for this disease is that people do not know the proper methods of personal hygiene. If the soil around the houses is used instead of latrines and the villages is contaminated and wells carried contamination near to it, this may have extreme chance that people get infected by amoeba without exhibiting any symptoms of the disease. When these kinds of unhygienic persons are employed as cooks in houses and restaurants they are a public health hazard.

Parasite Zapper

In many tropic areas people enjoyed to purchase food from outside shops. When they purchase foods and eat it without washing it or their hands the parasites enter into their bodies. Same the case as people drink water from common drinking cups and like to have tea from the street vendor who merely rinses the cup after using it. There are also food stalls at the roadside and the food is not properly covered the insects like flies sits on that and left harmful parasites, bacteria and other microbes on it. Flies are the insect that carries bacteria in their mouths that cause mastitis and also in feet. Due to such carelessness parasites enter in the human body and become the cause dysentery as well as many other infectious diseases.

Dysenteric microbes are settled in large bowel causing, sores, superficial erosion and inflammation. Basically the bacterium which causes the dysentery is Shigella and the parasite is Entamoeba histolytica is responsible for amoebic diarrhea. This microorganism moves towards the large intestine on pseudopodia and makes the wall of the large intestine its place of infestation. To survive they consume intestinal tissue and host’s red blood cells. In developing countries dysentery is an epidemic illness and especially where the population is overcrowded and having poor sanitation, sewage and drainage system which facilitate transmission of parasites.

Symptoms: the disease starts acutely with the increase in temperature, fever, weakness, chills, loss of appetite. Then pain appears in the abdomen, at the very start they are dull and spread throughout the abdomen but further they become more active. The people complain of abdominal discomfort instead of diarrhea, especially after having a meal. On research noticed that infected person abdomen is tender along the course of colon, along the lower right side and sigmoid especially. Pains increases usually before infection. Bowel movement occurs more, initially dejection may have fecal character, then they have mixture of blood and mucus, then it gives off a little amount of mucus with threads of blood. These parasites cause many diseases and deprive almost 4 million people from their lives every year. The matter is that the many parasites have the capacity to resist many antibiotics but do not get worry we people are blessed with modern advance technology and here is definitely has a potential solution for such kind of dangerous disease namely Parasite or Virus Zapper™ by ParaZapper. This product kills all kind of parasites and other microbes from water based environment, showing its potential for killing microbes in humans.