The complexes are due to distorted perceptions of oneself that arise when buying with other people or models imposed by society and that end up producing irrational thoughts that lead to insecurity, lack of confidence in one’s abilities and loss of self-esteem, affecting and conditioning The relationship with others, professional activity and, ultimately, life. The family and
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Definition Is fear of spiders a phobia or a normal fear? Is being afraid to take the subway or bus a phobia? Does the child who refuses to go to school suffer from a phobia? How to distinguish phobias from a normal fear? Many questions, many different fears, hence the importance of trying to clarify some of these different
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The phobia of blood

From brontophobia (fear of lightning) to hematophobia (fear of blood) and even phobophobia (fear of being afraid), the list of phobias seems unlimited. Knowing them makes it possible to fight them better You can read all these phobias in detail on Establishing an exhaustive list of different phobias seems impossible. And this for two main reasons. First,
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