How To Choose A Kids Bed?

Start by asking yourself about your real need . If you have little space, a bunk bed, a loft bed or a combined bed may be essential. But be careful because these beds for children often cost a little more than others. If you run out of storage, turn to a bed with drawers.

A bed, for what life? Some children’s beds are only used for a few years while others follow the growth of your kid. If you choose a salable bed, just make sure the bed size setting is simple to use.
A junior bed all inclusive or not? Some manufacturers sell cribs with box spring and mattress included. If you think you’re getting a good deal, it may not be so much the case. Some mattresses are indeed of mediocre quality and you will have to buy another to ensure the comfort of your kid. Sometimes it is better to buy it separately.

The height of the child bed. This aspect is important since it will condition the autonomy of your child. With a low bed, your kid can climb up and down easily. If not, he will need your help. You have to pay extra attention to this point if you want to buy kids bed for your kids who is still young.

The look of your child’s bed. If this question may seem secondary, it is nevertheless important because your child will be all the more comfortable if he likes the bed that you bought him. Choose it together, you will contribute to the value and the responsibility!

Child’s bed, the selection
Below you will find 10 children’s beds acclaimed by families and selected for their solidity, practicality and design. As usual, do not hesitate to share your favorites in comments!

TOP 1 | Leomark white child’s bed with storage
Leomark white child’s bed with storage Simple and sturdy, this crib from 2 years old to 6 years old is made of medium density fiberboard (MDF). It offers a sleeping space of 140 cm x 70 cm. Under the bed, a drawer can store your bed linen for example. Count 35 cm from the floor to the mattress: from 2 years, your child can easily get on and off. This crib is sold with a bed base and a foam mattress with a sufficient thickness of 10 cm.

TOP 2 | NYC river egg child bed
river junior bed Oeuvre NYCT his design child’s bed shines first with its clean lines. At the end of the bed, a storage bench allows reading and storage of books or toys. Designed in birch plywood and manufactured in Europe, it has been painted with Eco-friendly, non-toxic paints and no harmful VOCs. This junior bed is compatible with the River Roller Drawer.

TOP 3 | Bora Ticaa bed
bed child-wood-ticaaSolid and aesthetic, this bed in solid white lacquered pine 90 x 200 cm shines with its clean lines, while finesse. Simple and sober, it offers great stability. Be careful, this bed is not compatible with slatted frames. Mattress, box spring and accessories are sold separately. Specializing in the manufacture of children’s beds, the German brand offers many other models of junior beds.

TOP 4 | Alfred & Compagnie Toddler Bed White
Alfred & Compagnie Toddler Bed White known for the quality and design of its children’s furniture, Alfred & Compagnie offers an evolving bed with resolutely modern lines. Adjustable on three lengths (140, 170 and 200cm) thanks to an ingenious system of sliding sleepers, it also has two railings to secure the youngest. The bed is installed at a height of 49 cm to allow children to climb and descend alone. This cot is provided with a bed frame adjustable from 140 to 200cm. A bed drawer is available as an option. The evolution mattress 140/170/200 is sold separately.

TOP 5 | Toddler raised bed in solid pine Six bros
Six bros solid pine children’s raised bed If your child feels the soul of a pirate, he will love this raised bed. Designed in solid pine, it offers a sleeping space in height (70 cm), extended by a small cabin surrounded by cotton curtains. Painted in white, it has a small scale that can be installed either on the right or on the left. The 200 × 90 mattress and the slatted frame must be purchased separately. The installation instructions are clear and easy to install.