Which Use Thermal Chain Saw How To Navigate The Multitude Of Chainsaws On The Market.

Which Chainsaw For Which Use Thermal Chain Saw How To Navigate The Multitude Of Chainsaws On The Market.

Wireless, Rechargeable Batteries, What Power? …

5 essential points so you do not go wrong.

1st point: a chain saw for whom?

Professionals are very attached to their work tool. They use it every day lovingly and prefer a robust, powerful tool (almost always with a heat engine) that will accompany them for years. The better they know their equipment, the faster they work. They do not hesitate to pay the high price.

The activities of cutting, pruning, lopping individuals require versatile tools ; they have moderate use over limited periods. From where a vast choice of machines.



The type of cut for which the machine is intended must be decisive in the choice of the feed, the desired power and the length of the chain guide.

2nd point: a chain saw for what?

Cut down trees, prune or cut logs in the forest. The most suitable are the thermal chainsaws ; professional tools or semi pro, they are robust, autonomous, powerful.

Work in the garden, refresh a field, unplug a tree: with a source of electricity available, an electric chainsaw will be ideal; recent models are reliable, lightweight, efficient. If the cutting branches exceed 2 m in height, prefer a jig saw with a telescopic handle.

Maintain pleasure garden, prune shrubs, bushes. A cordless battery chain saw will be practical in hard-to-reach places or difficult positions. In some cases, a hedge size may be complementary.

3rd Point: Rapid Overview Of The Different Types Of Sections

Thermal Chainsaw

Works with a motor powered with 2-stroke

engine from 25 to 50 cm3 (+ on pro models)

1 gas tank + 1 oil tank

Aluminum engine blocks

Ignition with manual launcher

Electric Chainsaw

Connects to mains 230 volts

1600 to 2200 Watts depending on the model

1 oil tank

Cordless Chainsaw with Rechargeable Battery

18 volt battery

40 to 50 minutes of autonomy depending on the work to be done

1 oil tank

1 or 2 batteries according to the brands


Manufacturers are working to design powerful tools, secure, easy to handle by individuals, relatively light (between 3 and 5 kg). Regardless of the type of feed chosen, be aware that a chainsaw is always equipped with a splash guard, an automatic stop system in the event of blockage of the blade. The majority has 2 handles to facilitate handling.

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4th Point: The Chains

The chain of a tronço, whether thermal, electric or battery is the key to a clean job.

It is as important if not more than the power of the engine. This is the chain that ensures the quality of the cut.

Its maintenance is crucial. While cutting, retention as soon as necessary. After a big cut or if the wood is particularly hard sharpen it. When after sharpening the cut is not straight, it is that the chain has worn out, it is better then replace it. (Prefer a model that offers spare strings).

A little trick to evaluate wear: A chain in good condition produces small chips, a used chain releases sawdust.

Depending on your frequency of use, equip yourself with an electric or manual sharpener and always have a file on you, especially if you are far from home.

5th Point: Cleaning

Regularly check the oil level (and fuel in the case of a 2-stroke engine); Clean sawdust marks on the outside and inside with a compressor or rag soaked in gasoline.

Another tip: If you have to cut a sick tree or hedge: do it after everything else and clean your chain thoroughly to avoid contaminating other plants.

A chainsaw is a dangerous tool: do not let anyone use it, dress accordingly and protect your eyes , hands , feet .

Finally, store it away from dust and moisture.